About us

Hackney Storage is part of the London Self Storage Group which includes: 


Royal Kensington Storage
Camden Storage
Fulham Storage


We are a bespoke storage service tailored to the needs of Hackney and the surrounding area.


We offer storage solutions large and small, with the best prices on storage space in Hackney. Cheap storage space for wherever you are in Hackney is just a click away.

We offer FREE packing when you purchase your packing materials from us, so we can keep your valuables protected and secure during the collection, storage and delivery stages.


Of course we don’t just stop their, wherever you are located in and around Hackney, we offer one free hour of loading from when we arrive.


Our reputation and service also comes at a price up to 50% cheaper than many London storage companies and when you want your items returned, we offer a free hour of unloading at your chosen destination.


Book your services online today or don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our operatives for more information about any of our packages. We are always happy to help.